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County Kerry

An Area of Beauty

Ireland is a dream location for so many people all over the world. Most of those people would say that Kerry would be their favourite destination for climate, scenery, people and sheer and absolute beauty.

Cromane is in the enviable location between the two most scenic and majestic peninsulas in Ireland; Dingle Peninsula to the North, just a short distance across the water from Cromane; Iveragh Peninsula extending Westwards from Cromane, Killorglin, Glenbeigh and the McGillycuddy Reeks range of mountains in which are located the highest mountains in Ireland, Carrantouhil and Bín Ciarra.

Cromane Peninsula is located approximately 8 km west of Killorglin, it is a low lying shingle spit at the western end of Castlemaine Harbour.

Cromane Gold at the end of the Rainbow

Above: View of Cromane Lower from the Cromane Community Centre.

To the east of the peninsula is the main body of Castlemaine Harbour. A short distance to the west is Inch peninsula extending southwards from the mainland: this is a large sand spit.

Another sand spit, this time from the southern side of the harbour, to the west of Cromane, is Rossbeigh.

There are shingle beaches running along the coast of the peninsula with the main road running roughly south to north alongside and other roads and access points intersecting.

Cromane Lower

Above: Cromane Lower

This is one of the few locations where one can view at one remove the Brandon Range of Mountains and Sliabh Mish on the Dingle Peninsula and the McGillycuddy Reeks a little to the South.

Cromane is primarily a shingle spit extending into Castlemaine Harbour. This section of Cromane is known as Cromane Lower. The principal activity in this area is fishing or more precisely, Mussel Dredging.

There is a sizeable Aquaculture industry here; more details are available on the Castlemaine Harbour Fishing Co-operative page.

As there are very limited landing-sites around the Harbour it is hoped that plans for a pier to be developed at Crows Point, at the north-East corner of Cromane Lower, which have been carefully developed and well-heralded, will actually come to fruition.

Kerry County Council has applied to construct a new Pier and Access Road at Crow's Point, Cromane Lower. Crow’s Point is close to the north eastern end of the peninsula.

An Environmental Impact Study has been carried out; this includes issues such as the effects of dredging, and other works, may have on the environment and the scenic values of the area.

Cromane Upper

Above: Tranquility in Cromane Upper

As this area is also an annual wintering location for Brent Geese their habitat has to retain protection.

There is also a need to retain the shellfishing, salmon fishing and mussel dredging as an ongoing viable commercial enterprise before and during the proposed work.

With project completion the new pier should greatly facilitate the berthing of vessels and transfer of catches to the purification facility and from there to their respective markets

Cromane Upper extends from Tullig through Loch Gaineamháin to Stookisland and is mainly Farming land with substantial residential properties, a GAA football and Hurling pitch, Catholic Church, Post Office and the Community Centre.

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